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Title: Men in Black: International
Release: June 13, 2019
Runtime: 1h 58m .
Catagory: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
  • Chris Hemsworth as Agent H, a top agent in MIB's UK branch.
  • Tessa Thompson as Agent M, a new MIB recruit assigned to the UK branch.
  • Liam Neeson as High T, the head of MIB's UK branch.
  • Rebecca Ferguson as Riza, an alien.
  • Kumail Nanjiani as the voice of Pawny, an alien.
  • Rafe Spall as Agent C, an MIB agent suspicious of Agent H's past.
  • Les Twins as The Twins, a shape-shifting alien duo seeking a dangerous artifact.
  • Emma Thompson as Agent O, the head of MIB's US branch, last seen in Men in Black 3.
Overview: "Men in Black: International is an up coming American sci-fi movie coordinated by F. Gary Gray and composed by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway. The film is a sidequel to the Men in Black film arrangement, which is approximately founded on the Marvel funnies of a similar name by Lowell Cunningham. The film stars Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, and Liam Neeson, with Rebecca Ferguson, Kumail Nanjiani, Rafe Spall, and Les Twins showing up in supporting jobs. Emma Thompson additionally repeats her job from Men in Black 3.Discusses a fourth Men in Black film started after the arrival of the Men in Black 3 out of 2012. In February 2018, Hemsworth marked on to lead a turn off while Gray was employed to direct, and Thompson joined the cast the next month. Recording occurred in New York City, Morocco, Italy and London from July to October 2018. It is planned to be discharged in the United States by Sony Pictures on June 14, 2019.
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Michael Barnard

Looks like fun. Can’t be worse than men in black2.

First off, great cast.

  • Hemsworth is a good comedic actor and sells cartoon violence nicely as well. Nice touch with the wink-wink to his other, more electrifying role
  • Tessa Thompson is great too. Excellent to see the two of them teamed up again, but also weird.
  • Neeson appears underused, but is well cast as the aging agent. I assume Hemsworth gets Taken so Neeson has to swing into action with his particular set of skills.
  • Emma! Tessa is right, she does look very good in a black suit. Rocking the silver hair.
  • Les Twins! Okay, they probably won’t be dancing much (was one of them the dancer in the b-boy scene?), but they have the skills to do some seriously interesting cartoon violence choreography. It will be interesting to see what happens with that, if anything.
  • Hits some of the high notes of first men in black. Secret org: check. Aliens in HQ: check. Tiny guns packing big wallop: check. Diversity in leads: check. Cartoon violence: check.

    Missing. Vince D’Onofrio or any apparently obvious bad guy. D’Onofrio was awesome as always and made for a credibly incredible villain. Deeply creepy and evil.

    I assume Les Twins are the baddies, but the b-boy scene suggests a dance off with Hemsworth which is just odd.

    Should be fun. Hopefully there won’t be an annoying pug / alien in every scene of this one.